lineageos – How to change the color of the icon of the Android 9 status bar [Pie]

I have a oneplus 3t phone rooted under Android 9 on a Lineage operating system that I want to customize after the Fallout game franchise. I have many details to understand, except that the color of the status bar only seems to have the option of black or white. I would like the colors of the icons in the status bar to be green. This would be particularly useful because I noticed that these white icons are engraved on the screen when a phone is old enough.

I first tried GravityBox, which took forever to find that they had removed the color-changing features of the status bar out of respect for the other versions of & rsquo; Android who had offered us this option in other ways … but Pie recovered them.

I've also tried Substrathum, which displays an error page saying "Can not go back to root mode." No other theme engine can be used on this device at the current time. " I found sources that claimed to make it work on Pie, but their instructions were unclear or were not particularly helpful in getting around this error in Pie.

Can someone help?