linkedin – How to create Facebook events outside of Facebook

I am creating a WordPress blog for a client. She wants to have a list of her upcoming speeches made publicly on her blog and also shared on Facebook and Linkedin.

Now, when I search for "Wordpress" and "Facebook", I only see plugins to post Facebook events on a WordPress blog, but nothing allows to do the opposite: post an event on the blog and make it appear automatically an event on Facebook.

The closest thing I've found is a WordPress plugin called The Events Calendar, which can use WordPress's Jetpack to automatically display its events … but they're published as Facebook posts, not in as long as events, if I understand them well. Is there a plugin or software for this?

Note 1: I could just create the events on Facebook instead and post them on the blog, using some of the plugins mentioned above … but then, I also have to post them on Linkedin.

Note 2: I've found this question, which says that this can be done, but that you have to program it using Facebook's API. I was hoping for an already existing solution because the client's budget would not allow custom programming.