Linking a dynamic inventory price list to another file in Google Sheets

I have a list of main inventory prices for all the ingredients we use in our recipes that I want to reference in all of our recipe files to calculate costs dynamically. Thus, if we change supplier for an ingredient, all costs are adjusted automatically in all recipe sheets. Here is what I have done so far:

1) Aggregate the multiple tabs of the master price schedule into one (called "All") using this:

= interrogation ({{Flours, starches, dry products} A2: V; Bread! A2: V; Produce! A2: V; #Fresh and frozen! A2: V; & # 39; Oils, vinegars, milks, condiments! A2: V; Canned! A2: V; Spices! A2: V; Packaging! A2: V; Consumables! A2: V}, "Select * where Col1 is not zero", 0)

Main price sheet

2) Use IMPORTRANGE to import them into a "Reference" tab of the recipe file:

= IMPORTRANGE ("1-LACG2FbYIyZ2sykuYlxm2KqPVQ0kdFt4UpS9hFjvDw", "All! A2: V100")

Recipe file with linked tab or master price sheet

3) Refer prices like any other cell on another tab from the recipe sheet.
Costs of cell-related ingredients in the price reference tab

The problem with this method is that, if you move one of the lines out of alignment on the original file (for example, adding a new line for a new ingredient in the main price sheet), all reference points in the recipe will be deleted.

I think I need a new way to solve this problem. No suggestion? Any help would be greatly appreciated!