linux – bind9 does not work when starting the bind9 service but works during explicit start named

I have a really strange situation that I don't fully understand. I have a master and slave DNS, I checked the configuration and no error is returned. if i try to start bind9 as a service, it fails to synchronize properly with the slave:

sudo service bind9 start

I have also tried to activate it with:

sudo systemctl enable bind9

Again, the master and the slave do not synchronize. I was digging and someone suggested to run appointed in the foreground to see what the newspapers produce. Curiously, when I run service bind9 stop then run named -fg on the master and slave, they suddenly start to synchronize and transfer the necessary zone information.

Why would they be transferred when I explicitly run named, but not when I run bind9 as a service? I thought naming and linking were just aliases for each other, so I'm not really sure I understand the difference between what's going on in one case and in the other. ;other.