linux – Can dnsmasq allocate IPs defined in /etc/hosts

I have a pair of Raspberry Pi Zero W connecting to each other through WiFi. They have their hostnames configured as “” and “”. I run hostapd and dnsmasq on the server. I have the following in its /etc/hosts:

I’d like dnsmasq to give dynamic IPs to all clients, except the one that pretends to be in its DHCP request. I’ve got the following config:



This seems to work, but I’d like not to have to keep a copy of the static IP address in the dnsmasq.conf file. I feel from the wording of the man page like the IP address there is optional, but if I remove it, it allocates to the client, and logs the following:

Sep 06 21:13:12 dnsmasq-dhcp[3512]: not giving name to the DHCP lease of because the name exists in /etc/hosts with address

Is there some variant of that dhcp-host= line that would allow me to fix that? Or is there any other way to have dnsmasq’s DHCP server to take name/ip pairs from /etc/hosts?