linux – Can’t access VNC port from local network

I’ve installed VNC on CentOS and enabled it on port 5901. I made sure that selinux, firewalld and iptables were disabled/stopped on the system for troubleshooting purposes. Now I can successfully test access to port 5901 (using netcat) using localhost, but if I use the IP address, even if connecting locally, I get “connection refused”:

# netcat to localhost works
$ nc -vz localhost 5901
Ncat: Version 7.70 ( )
Ncat: Connected to ::1:5901.
Ncat: 0 bytes sent, 0 bytes received in 0.01 seconds.

# using IP doesn't work
$ nc -vz 5901
Ncat: Version 7.70 ( )
Ncat: Connection refused.

Needless to say, I can’t connect with a VNC client. Does anyone have any idea of what I’ve missed either in my VNC configuration or firewall settings that could be causing this? Thanks in advance.