linux – Copy file from local to remote SSH with spaces in username

I have to copy a file from my local machine to a remote server. The problem is, from what I’m understanding, is the space in my username (“User Name”).

I’ve tried the following in command prompt:

scp -rv C:UsersUser NameDownloadsfilename.c

But it’s telling me:

C:/Users/User: No such file or directory
Name/Downloads/filename.c: No such filSink: 01scp: C:/Users/User: No such file or directory
e or diSink: 01scp: Name/Downloads/filepath.c: No such file or directory
debug1: Exit status 1

I’ve also tried removing my initial “C:” and “C:UsersUser Name” and removing the space in “User Name” from the command but it still doesn’t copy and gives the same response.

Is there any other way I could copy or am I doing something wrong myself with that prompt?