linux – Free Dynamic-Dns Paradigm and how the redirections work in this case

(For 4 minutes lecture)


In my high school we’re doing a project and my friends and I decided to implemented to our town.
So we decided to make a website, and now we need to create our web server in a computer that our school gave us.

We started good but we came up with some problems.

  • Our ISP has dynamic ip, so it changes every day, or two.

  • Our ISP has blocked port 80. (Maybe some others)

So after research we found NoIp (, with free dynamic dns. Nice we said!


We never bought a domain before, so we don’t know if we implement a FREE NoIp Dynamic dns,


and after we buy a domain called (in Namescheap) how the redirects will work?

  • Does our server host name in NoIp (or whatever free dynamic dns) needs to have the name of our website (or domain name) or it can be different?

Example: —> —->

  • So people could enter to our web server (our website) with or they will need to enter thru ?

  • When somebody enters to will be redirect to and after redirect to the page our server? (The user will see in the top bar how the domain changes?)

  • When is the user seeing our website, if he/she looks at the top bar, what he/she will see? (in the Google bar) or he/she will see (in the Google bar)?

  • We thought using the domain registrar Namescheap, we will buy a .org and we saw that they offer a FREE Dynamic dns, so it’s better use that one or NoIp? We don’t really know if our router can have the Namescheap dynamic option), if we use that option we will need install the service in our computer.

In the router we check and in the Dns router window it has a NoIp option.

  • Does Namescheap (or any domain registrar) have a good friendship with NoIp? With that i mean are there any compatibility problems that we need to know, maybe there’s something that we will need to pay to make it work.

We understand this problems going with the cheap way. But is hard when nobody in our team works, (we are all students)

(Note) If somebody knows articles about home hosting feel free to share it.

We appreciate your time