linux – grub-mkrescue 2.06 giving issues when creating an iso from directory

Hello, I have been working on my own Operating System for awhile now and recently I came back after a break to find that grub-mkrescue is unable to create an .iso file from my disk directory.

The exact command ran:

# /bin/bash

# Why are you the problem child?
grub-mkrescue -o FluxedOS.iso isodir

The exact output:

mcopy: No directory slots
grub-mkrescue: error: `mcopy` invocation failed
├── boot
│   ├── FluxedOS.bin
│   └── grub
│       └── grub.cfg
└── programs
    ├── dir.exc
    └── test.exc

set timeout=0
set default=0

menuentry "FluxedOS" {

    multiboot2 /boot/FluxedOS.bin


Its not just my OS! I can not build any OS that uses grub2 and turns it into a iso.