linux – Headphones with embedded micro that supports both 2.4GHz wireless and bluetooth

Hello I’m looking for headphones that include all these features (bassically TV headphones that can do bluetooth headphones too) :

  • Base to put on for charging
  • Embedded microphone, or slot for plugging one
  • Base communicates via 2.4GHz wireless communnication (like the gaming headsets)
  • Headphones are usable via bluetooth for smartphone calls in outdoors

Optionnal great features would be:

  • Base plug supported in linux
  • Remote controller on the headphones (start/pause, previous/next/volume up and down)
  • suited for large ears (ear size 7*4cm)
  • can handle 2 different bluetooth sources
  • can handle a bluetooth source and a 2.4GHz wireless source

It’s been a week that I’m searching for a model that matches these specs but couldn’t find anything, do you guys have something in mind?