linux – How can I update the firmware of my Godox hardware without a Windows box?

You can do it in different ways if you do not want to, for example, buy a cheap Windows tablet.


If your device is AD200 or later, and it has a .dfu firmware update file, you can use the open source code dfu-util on the command line to copy the .dfu file. on the device, as indicated by burning1rr on reddit. The basic steps, according to this reddit post, after installing dfu-util are:

  1. Connect the device with the appropriate USB cable and run:
    dfu-util -l.
  2. Check the value of the alt = flag in the exit.
  3. Run dfu-util --alt --Download where is the value printed in step 1 and the path / name of the firmware update file.

Training camp

If you are on OSX, you can install Windows on a Bootcamp partition and run the G1 / G2 or F1 / F2 / F3 applications from there. This has the disadvantage of requiring a Windows license and space for a full installation, but offers the advantages of speed and the absence of USB hardware recognition issues.

Virtual machines

If you do not want to get lost in Bootcamp or if you are on a Linux machine, it is known that a virtual machine runs for Godox and Yongnuo firmware updates. A complete video tutorial can be found here on Youtube.

If you feel expensive and want to try this for free, you can use the VirtualBox open source software and a free 90 day VM from the Windows developer on the Microsoft website. This should also work with Parallels or VMWare.