linux – Metro boot locked me out of windows due to loop

Here is what happened.

I managed to successfully dual boot manjaro and windows 10, from windows, using a program called easyBCD. It was all working normally, but there was 1 little issue I found, which was that you had to go through the windows metro boot to select manjaro. and then go through manjaro’s dual boot process, which i found a bit tedious.


I made the completely destructive choice of changing easybcd’s options so that it would skip the boot process and automatically boot linux*. Therefore, every time i choose to boot windows 10 from manjaro’s grub system, it just automatically takes me back to the grub bootloader. (atleast i think thats the case, windows doesnt load past the message “processing the preset menu…”)

Is there any way I could perhaps edit the windows 10 boot settings from linux to fix this?

*I ended up starting the issue by changing these freebcd settings:

  • skip the boot menu on.
  • set default to manjaro.