linux – Theoretical performance of a PS4 under * Unix

There is a multitude of tutorials from relatively legitimate sources showing how to run various linux or * BSD distributions on a PS4, provided the PS4 has the right firmware. Ignoring the firmware issues and the complexity of the installation, I was considering trying it out and using it to replace my 14-year-old insuperable Dell and use it for web browsing, coding, and execution. games like Skyrim, CS: GO and Crysis.

My problem is that I do not know what will be the efficiency of a PS4-Linux. I plan to play on it, but I can play very well with average or low graphics settings. I'm afraid I can make it work, but it will be too slow to run games, essentially wasting my money, or breaking it in the process, and will certainly waste my money.

So basically, I wonder how fast the system could theoretically work and if it could run relatively modern games at an acceptable frame rate. Is there anything I miss here, something that would break or break the theoretical performance?

If it makes it easier for you to answer this question, what is the theoretical performance compared to a PC with Nvidia 1060, Intel i7 and 16 GB DDR3 RAM?