list manipulation – For the loop in GeoGraphics

I'm trying to draw a map with a list of destinations as disks.

I first enter cities in a list such as:

destinations = {GeoPosition[New York City],

where "New York City" is entered using the method ctrl + = to access the interpreter and specify it as a city.

Then I have something that sums up to:

Disk[For[i=1, i

This generates a map with the desired projection settings, such as the background, range, and single disk specified separately, such as:


I've also tried putting the Disk function in a loop like:

For[i=1, i

This is also not an incorrect indexing of the list of destinations because

For[i=1, i

displays the correct number of cities, while

For[i=0, i

fetches a first element of "List" and does not print the last city.

Is it possible to use for loops in a GeoGraphics function or should I add a Disk function line for each element I would like to trace instead of going through a list?

Thank you in advance for help!