list manipulation – Solve multiple equations with a parameter by means of Reduce

I have developed a program that solves an equation and give its solutions as outputs:

m = 0.3
n = -0.9
equation = Reduce(E^(m*x) + E^(n* x) == x, x, Reals)
sol1 = N(x /. ToRules(equation((1))))
sol2 = N(x /. ToRules(equation((2))))

whose answers are approximately 1.97121 and 5.93163. However, I need m to change and, therefore, to render a different solution each time I change it. So I need m to be also 0.05, 0.06, 0.1,… and whatever numbers I define in a list. How can I arrange Reduce to read the different values and to solve the equation for each of them, given a list of values for m?