logging – Are there tools for viewing logs with rich data?

I am new to the world of logging. I see that loggers (e.g. sl4j for Java or winston for JavaScript) support several “transports” that allow them to store the logs in files in various formats.

At first glance, I thought that this is to perhaps enable some standard log viewing tools to parse the logs.

I was expecting features offered by the browser console which I often use for viewing logs. It offers:

1 Inspection of rich json objects

enter image description here

You can expand the object to view what you need, so the full json representation of the object doesn’t clutter your screen:

enter image description here

2 Filtering of logs

e.g. here I’ve filtered in only messages with (tag) in their text

enter image description here

I think there must be log viewing tools which offer these features, but I cannot find any (perhaps I’m not searching with the right terms). Are there such tools? If there are, are they tied to a particular language or only to a particular log format?