logitech mouse – MX vertical – middle clicks and DPI buttons activate

I acquired a Vertical MX mouse a few months ago when it was launched and I used it at home for a while, without any problem. I have recently put it to work and I have encountered a frustrating problem when I use the mouse on my professional laptop or on that of a colleague.

The mouse has a side button that toggles it between two default DPI settings. The problem is that the middle click and the DPI buttons will activate one and the other. For example, when I hover over a link on a web page and click with the middle button, the page is opened in a new tab and my DPI setting is switched. If I click the DPI button when hovering over a link, my DPI setting is changed and the page is opened in a new tab, as if I had clicked on it in the center.

I've tried installing / reinstalling the Logitech Options software to fix this problem without success.

Is there a parameter that I can modify to break the link between these buttons?