Looking for a different type of membership template plugin

I already have access to MemberPress, but I am now looking to do something a little different than a subscription-based model. This is for students in my group. Every year, they have to pay tuition and some other miscellaneous fees.

I want to be able to charge each student member on my site a specific amount for tuition (or various other fees), so that he can see how much he owes on his member page, and then be able to make payments to it. effect. It's the fact of seeing how much they owe and making a (variable) payment on that debt that I think is the stumbling block.

I'm trying to find a solution that stays in wordpress / plugins. Thoughts? Does the question make sense? In the nonprofit / camp world, that would be a big problem. I'm sure something like this must already exist, but I do not know how to look for it, because every solution I seem to find is just one way to implement the membership sub-model. 🙁 Sorry if I'm stupid …

Thanks in advance!