Looking for a new WordPress host. Is SiteGround still one of the best shared providers?

I have been working for another company for years and, overall, my experience has been pretty good until recently, but since their sale, quality has fallen sharply. At this point, I am looking to move elsewhere and SiteGround has always been my recommendation for people unfamiliar with the industry and is looking to set up a site.

However, I currently have an average of 25,000 visitors per month, but sometimes that number rises to 50,000 when new content is published. The "Recommended Visitors" limit at SiteGround is worrisome for this reason, and I've heard bad things about customers that went beyond that. I can choose the highest package at $ 12 / month, but I do not like to engage in annual billing cycles with a company for which I'm not sure.

After reviewing recent reviews of the three favorite sites (non-EIG), SiteGround, A2 Hosting and InMotion, I am a bit lost as to who to use. Of course, every business will have dissatisfied customers, and most of the reviews posted on Google are BS, the hokey affiliate, without any credibility. Recommendations for a complete and powerful web hosting provider?