Looking for a Reseller with good performance for WP

Any good reseller hosts that have proper, fast, and generous resource allocations?

I’m with a provider for over 10yrs, they’re great for most websites I run but for WordPress sites are so slow on them and I’ve battled with this on several wordpress sites I host. On a particular WP site with Woo commerce and a few plugins (new) and barely any traffic the site gets sluggish with less than 3 users! And to think this host is LiteSpeed based already and i got Litespeed cache enabled on WP……

So I bought a 2yr reseller plan from InMotionHosting a few days back , to try it out and deployed this particular site and it’s only slightly better over-all (even when they dont have litespeed , which was odd) – however the pages still are too sluggish for comfort and gets the occasional ERROR 500 with just 3-4 users on the site! so obviously, I’m not inclined to stay with them and will be cancelling my account soon as I am able to find a proper host.

All in all, I believe, as with most Shared Hosting, these servers are over-sold or has inadequate hardware to deal with the load. Whatever it is, these servers are clearly unable to keep up with decent WordPress Sites , even extremely low traffic ones.

Hence I’m posting here.

I need a Reseller Shared or VPS Account with capable hardware that WordPress can run smooth on.

My budget: 15-25usd/mo

Willing to purchase 2yr sub. but must have ample 90day money back guarantee to give me opportunity to test for consistency (7-30 days isn’t enough time to test for a 2yr commitment)

My requirements:

60GB or more SSD

Generous bandwidth

WHM + CPANEL (although i dont mind any decent free WHM alternative, but i do need a good amount of CPANEL as requested by my clients

unlimited domain hosting


At least 10MB/s IO allocation per Cpanel Account

– and other ample resources to keep sites snappy.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Dedicated IP /WhiteLabel / NS and all the usual good stuff for Resellers

Again, im pretty happy with my current host that i’ve been with for 10yrs, if it wasnt for the fact that nearly all WP sites im hosting with them are so so slow (server side sluggishness) and im getting tired of my WP customers complaining – so i just need something similar but can handle WP sites much better!