Looking for an exclusive advertiser on my websites [STOP REFERRERS]

Hi guys,

Before I start writing about what I am looking for, I would politely ask to stop referring companies just for you to receive a commission.

I'm looking for direct advertisers or ad network specialists.

I own two popular adult image hosts. The image hosts are ranked in the top 5k on alexa.com

We are looking for exclusive advertisers on our website. An exclusive advertiser will get:

– banner advertising (header / footer, 728×90 or 2x300x250 in each location).
– push notification
– pop ads (pop limited to 1 pop every 6 hours for each unique visitor).
– direct interstitial (generated once every 12 hours).

Since we had a lot of difficulties in the past with advertising networks that do not pay, we will ask for an upfront payment for those who are less popular (a week).

What you need to know before asking for information:

– I will send our statistics (traffic and earnings) by email
– we are not interested in any paid network with deferred terms. we expect payments to be issued the first week after the end of the month of advertising. no delay, no vacation!
– all ads must be clean, which means that they can not contain any bad browsing experience (no browser lock when pop-up, no more popups, no push advertising on ad pages, etc.).
– Payments to be processed via Payoneer

What we offer:

– Exclusive advertising, that is to say during your advertising period, no other announcement than yours will be generated
– Global Traffic – Yes, we have so many traffic sources that our traffic is combined. Yet 50% of our traffic comes mainly from level 1 countries.

If there is anything outside this thread, ask. I will only send statistics to those who will provide me with an email via a private message.