lorem ipsum and models for personal projects

I think the use of lorem ipsum depends on the type of wireframes you are working on. When I look at a UX designer's portfolio, my main questions are: "what kind of problems did they work on?" and "what was the thought process in problem solving?"

I do not think the use of lorem ipsum is bad in any way if it is justified. Wired structures change over time. As wireframes gain in fidelity, design criticism becomes more and more refined.

Here's an idea of ​​what I'm working on right now.

  1. The system must have a feature to mass update items (to be able to download a complete list of items). This list can be a supplier document, a
    Excel list, in an email.

-The user must be able to enter items individually.

– If the download fails, you must repeat to redo. The system will not correct.

– The system will provide the list "expected" but the analyst must be able to add others.

I'm using a lot of dummy text at this point. The UX designer should show the interaction, think about all the details of the operation of the users in the application and present the information in such a way that the users AND developers understand the process in order to better discuss the requirements of the construction. In my experience, it is then up to the designers to finalize the presentation.

The use of Lorem ipusm at this stage is common, normal and expected. You do not want people to look at a list of articles and focus on minor details.

On the other hand, if your portfolio is focused on the perfect final pixel presentations, lorem ips should be kept to a minimum. My portfolio, for example, does not include perfect pixel designs. (Well maybe some of them 10-15 years ago but none recently.)