luggage – What’s the best way to take my PC and videogames to another country?

I have a gaming PC and a PS5 (also a Nintendo Switch, PSVita, Nintendo 3DS, but they’re not a problem, I believe) and want to take all of them with me.

About the PC:

  1. Leave the case here, disassemble, take the parts separately and get a new case on arrival?
  2. Find the smallest ATX case I can find (because I use a big case today – NZXT h700i), and take the whole PC inside an suitcase?
  3. Sell it and get a equivalent notebook? Here in Brazil, gaming PC market is in a very confuse moment. As hardware prices increased, selling an used PC for a fair price is very hard.

Bubble wrap would be enough to garantee they will not be damaged in suitcase handling?

The PS5 is damn big (390 x 104 x 260mm), but I believe I can wrap it and take with some clothes into an second switcase, and the rest of the gadgets in a third one, along with more clothes and stuff.

I am at risk of any of my gadgets be damaged by static or other natural phenomenon?

Any tips or similar experiences?

Thanks in advance!