mac osx – root password for mysql fixation

I guess I've messed up the user table trying to update the password running something like

UPDATE mysql.user SET authentication_string = root & # 39; WHERE User = & # 39; root & # 39 ;;

without hunting privileges. Now I'm pretty much stuck and I can not connect to mysql even though I'm trying

sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

There is a way that I can without issue delete all the mysql databases, including user table?

(MacOS Mojave)

This is the content of / usr / local / bin related to mysql

mysql mysqladmin mysqlpump
mysql.server mysqlbinlog mysqlrouter
mysql_client_test mysqlcheck mysqlrouter_plugin_info
mysql_config mysqld mysqlshow
mysql_config_editor mysqld_multi mysqlslap
mysql_secure_installation mysqld_safe mysqltest
mysql_ssl_rsa_setup mysqldump mysqlxtest
mysql_tzinfo_to_sql mysqldumpslow
mysql_upgrade mysqlimport