mac – Why does my Macbook overheat and use so much CPU and power resources when it is on YouTube?

For a long time, my Macbook overheated and monopolized my processor. According to Activity Monitor, Google Chrome Helper is the culprit. Every time I browse the web, there are usually ten separate Google Chrome Helper entries in Activity Monitor, each using about 0.5% of my processor individually. On YouTube, one of them can reach% 82, and a second 22%. I do not understand the calculation behind that, but this is evident in the screenshots I took. I have an updated MacBook Pro (13 inches, mid-2012), which may be due to an old system, but only Chrome and YouTube (or just videos) are causing this problem.

Before anyone starts commenting on solutions, I would like to say that I tried to fix the problem by updating FlashPlayer, disabling the extensions, by disabling access to the Unsandboxed plug-in to "forbid any site from Use a plug-in to access it. " [my] "computer," and someone even suggested disabling JavaScript (which, of course, just stopped loading the page.) And, yes, I've already tried d & # 39; other web browsing applications and their results are similar to those of Chrome.I think it has something to do with videos in general.

At the moment, I have to use an application called MacsFanControl so that my fan prevents the processor and the computer from overheating, as it reached around 50 ° C. Now it is at 40 ° C with the fan running for prevent it from increasing.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that one of you will have the answer to my problem.