macos – How can I troubleshoot this re-occuring prompt to give a mysterious app security access?

For a couple months now, I’ve been getting this error, periodically, a few times a day, randomly. It’s been happening ever since I’ve gotten my new Macbook (I did the thing where I connected both laptops with a USB-C and copied everything over the first time i launched the new laptop)

enter image description here

Never have I ever, on this laptop, or in my last laptop, installed this before, to my knowledge. I have googled the error and found nothing

This application also does not exist in /Applications or ~/Applications, and there’s no process that looks like this in Activity Monitor.

I also did a disk search with sudo find / -name network and there were 0 hits that looked like this could be it

I also checked login items in my Account preferences, and this doesn’t exist either.

Even if I restart my machine, it will eventually show up again

I also do not run much on my machine. Here are my login items, and besides that day-to-day I use Xcode, SourceTree, and Chrome.

In the past I have used Shadow App and Parallels, I’m thinking maybe one of those apps may have placed something in that was just sleeping, and then got backed up onto my new machine… but I still can’t find anything.

Does anybody know how I can troubleshoot this further? it’s been driving me crazy!
enter image description here