macos – Is AnySearch malware installed even from the Apple extension gallery?

There appear to be two types of AnySearch programs:

The first comes from the Apple Safari browser extension gallery:

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Matt Swain
Allows you to use the custom search engine of your choice in the Safari address bar. Otherwise, it allows you to completely disable the search and return to the old Safari feature that only allowed web addresses.

The second candidate is

Anysearch virus – browser hijacker that comes as a useful add-on for Mac

Anysearch virus is a browser hijacker that targets Mac.1 operating systems. Once installed, it adds Any Search Manager to the Applications folder and can also add an identical name extension to each of your browsers. It does not matter that it seems that it is closely related to Yahoo, do not fall for this image.

Although Anysearch appears to be a regular search application that can hardly pose a threat to your Mac computer, we recommend that you read our review of this program. First, we must say that this Mac OS X add-on is considered a browser hijacker that takes control of your browser and begins to redirect you to third-party websites.

The search engine promoted by Anysearch Manager is identical to:
SafeFinder virus

Since Malwarebytes ( – Adware Removal Tool (it was AdwareMedic)), the first version of the official Apple Gallery, Extension Gallery, is regularly classified in the category of malicious programs and reported as such, quarantined or deleted. It seems confusing that Apple is offering malware or that a malware removal tool seems to be content with a corresponding primitive name and disable useful and wanted software.

Is the extension of the official gallery actually a malware, identical to the second option, or is it linked to the "virus" / "malware" or something that is not announced at all?