macOS Word – Remove standard hyphen

Word breaks some words strangely for me. I am aware that I can manually hyphenate words to add custom hyphens at specific locations in a word – but what I’m looking for is the ability to remove preset hyphens at specific locations.

For example, imagine Word breaking “Kafkaesque” like this:


But I want it to break like this:


So the hyphen should show before the first letter “e”, not after. I’ve added a manual hyphen before the “e” using the manual-hyphenation dialog but the spacing in that line is such that this has had no effect.

Ideally, Word would retain all the other hyphens it would automatically place for a word (except for the one hyphen I don’t want, of course). There is a way to just turn off hyphenation for a word altogether and then I could place custom hyphens at all places in that word, but it’s not preferred.

This is Word for mac version 16.46. My document language is set to German, if it matters (the “Kafkaesque” stuff is just an English example, Word might not actually do it with that word – if you need something reproducible use “Memevolution” at the end of a line and be sure to set the language to German, it will break as “Meme-volution” instead of “Mem-evolution”).