magento2.3 – Smart One Checkout breaks the credit card processor

I'm using AheadWorks Smart One Page Checkout for Magento 2 and, for whatever reason, the processing of my credit card is completely interrupted.

I receive this error in the payment.log

& # 39; response & # 39; => & # 39; {"transactionResponse": {"SupplementalDataQualificationIndicator": 0}, "messages": {"resultCode": "Error", "message":[{"code":"E00076","text":"dataDescriptor contains invalid value."},{"code":"E00076","text":"dataValue contains invalid value."}]}} & # 39;  

This is an error code, but the only detail they give about their error code lists is that an invalid value has been given. The credit card section also has a display error that may or may not be related to the error code.

Here is a screenshot with the display error marked with an arrow.

enter the description of the image here

I can not tell if this display error is causing the invalid submission or not. credit card processing works perfectly as soon as I disable One Page Checkout for the second time. The error occurs even during a new installation of Magento 2.3.1.

I have tried everything and I am looking for ideas of potential solutions.

Thank you in advance.