magento2.3 – upgrade from magento 2.2.5 to 2.3. The front controller has reached 100 router mapping iterations.

When I upgraded my magento from version 2.2.5 to version 2.3, everything works fine, but an iteration error is displayed when the front controller detects: The front controller has reached 100 iterations of correspondence of router.
after searching for online solutions and all the solutions failed, except that someone said something about old cached data was corrupted. I have therefore removed var / cache, then cleaned and emptied the cache, but the error persists.
I have solved the problem by disabling the cache for the configuration so that the cache state is as follows:
Actual status:
config: 0
layout: 1
block_html: 1
collections: 1
reflection: 1
db_ddl: 1
compiled_config: 1
eav: 1
customer_note: 1
config_integration: 1
config_integration_api: 1
full_page: 1
config_webservice: 1
translate: 1
summit: 0
I think this is a temporary and unprofessional solution, anybody can help me understand it and solve the problem of the configuration cache?