magento2 – API call issue in magento 2.2.0

we are working on api call module in magento 2.2.0 where main functionality is using API fetch data from other site and show data in grid.
we created module for upper version (magento 2.3 and higher) where we use httpgetactioninterface and httppostactioninterface but as this class not existed in magento 2.2 version. we remove those classes and after that we facing two main error

  1. Uncaught TypeError: Argument 6 passed to PulseemCustomersGroupsModelGroup::__construct()
  2. PulseemCustomersGroupsModelResourceModelGroupGridCollection does not exist

code for collection.php


namespace PulseemCustomersGroupsModelResourceModelGroupGrid;

use MagentoFrameworkModelResourceModelDbCollectionAbstractCollection;
use PulseemCustomersGroupsModelGroup;
use PulseemCustomersGroupsModelResourceModelGroup as ResourceModel;
use PulseemCustomersGroupsHelperConstants;

class Collection extends AbstractCollection
    protected $_idFieldName = Constants::GROUP_ID;
    protected $_eventPrefix = Constants::TABLE_GROUP_TITLE;
    protected $_eventObject = 'group_collection';

     * Define resource model
     * @return void
    protected function _construct()
        $this->_init(Group::class, ResourceModel::class);

we tried many solutions but get same error which i mentioned above.
if you have any solution please provide. thank you in advance.