magento2 – country_of_manufacture issues with names

I’m having issues with country_of_manufacture attribute.

I recently made a copy of production site to prep our new server for migration from old server.

The issue comes in when I do import testing – the country_of_manufacture attribute is breaking the import.

Notice: Undefined index: czechia in /home/linux/www/vendor/magento/module-catalog-import-export/Model/Import/Product/Type/AbstractType.php on line 537

The issue comes from difference in naming of Czech Republic.

Production site is set to Czechia, but NEW production is set to Czech Republic

I am super confused by this.

Does store or locale affect on the country_of_manufacture attribute?

I compared both sites and they both use the same locale and store.

Is there anything else that could be causing the difference in name of the country?