magento2 – Magento 2.2.6 Remove category filter from sidebar Filtered Browsing

I'm only looking to remove the "Filter by Category" section. I wish the other filter options remain. The pages concerned are the main catalog pages.

I have tried multiple solutions to which similar answers have been made. These solutions did not work for me, so I ask again in the hope of finding an updated solution for this version of Magento 2.

I've tried using the following modifications separately to get the solution, but no chance:

getName ()! = __ (& # 39;) & nbsp;) {}?>


getRequestVar ()! = & # 39; cat & # 39;) {}?>

The file I was editing was the view.phtml file located in:

app / desgn / frontend / xxx / xxx / Magento_LayeredNavigation / templates / layer