magento2 – Move the description of the category from the admin panel (Layout Update XML) in Magento 2

Our client wanted to display the description of the category after the default product list. So we added a new container and the following line to the default.xml theme in out:

This works very well and moves the description of the category to the desired end of the page.

However, for some categories, we would like to display the description again before the products. To do this, we added the following line to the presentation update XML file under the admin / catalog / category / category / design panel:

This does not seem to have any effect at all.

We've already tried adding page and body tags, and we're doing it with a around. Nothing had any effect.

The only thing we can do with the block at the moment is to delete it with:

Which means that the layout update XML itself works but that it does not move the block to the desired location.

Are there any different rules for XML when using Layout Update XML from the admin panel versus the theme's default.xml file? Or something else that we are hurting?