magento2 – probably a problem of session with Magento 2.3 administrator

I encounter this strange problem in the admin section of Magento 2.3.

When you are in admin> catalog> product grid and page 4. You change a
product and press save & close. Magento always comes back in the products
grid on page 1 and not on page 4 as it should be.

This occurs for all administrator sections that have a grid. Cms, Blocks, Reviews Anywhere.

I have tried to clean up a new instance of Magento 2.3 and this problem does not exist. So, this only happens in my configuration.

Tried different browsers, but the same problem.

Tried different OS for my computers, same problem.

So, it's definitely my Magento configuration.

I had it set up with Redis 4.0.9. I removed it and tried it again but the problem is still there.

I think this session problem probably or a cookie?

But if it was a session, I think I would also have connection problems.

The only thing I have not checked yet are my php settings. I'm using php7.2

Any ideas you like?