magento2 – Returns PHP values ​​in a JS file

I have a module that I need to load certain information when the user clicks on the backend button. The problem is how to recover the values ​​of the js file and put them in the form.

view / adminhtml / ui_component / addfat_form.xml

addfat_form.addfat_form_data_source addfat_form.addfat_form_data_source Nova Fatura The data addfat_form models / form / foldable PereiraTech Faturament Block Adminhtml Buttons Edit Button CustomButton PereiraTech Faturamento Model DataProvider addfat_form_data_source fat_id fat_id Magento_Ui / js / form / provider
false Nova Fatura 20 text ID da fatura contribution fatura fat_id true true column Email make customer contribution employee employee_id text client contribution fatura customer true text CPF / CNPJ contribution fatura cliente_cpf_cnpj true chain Of date fatura 20 data_inicio true yyyy-MM-dd false chain Ate date fatura 21 data_fim true yyyy-MM-dd false compras text multiple selection true fatura vendas_id PereiraTech Faturamento Model DataProvider number Total: contribution fatura total true number desconto contribution fatura desconto number Total contribution fatura total true boolean Pago check box fatura pago toggle 1 2 1 true Sync center PereiraTech_Faturamento / js / form / element / options

see / web / js / form / element / options.js

to define([      
], function (uiRegistry, select, modal) {
& # 39; use strict & # 39 ;;

returns select.extend ({

action: function () {
alert (& # 39; ok);
return this._super ();