Make my own blog had the idea but I can not be motivated | NewProxyLists

First, you must both get 2 items or you will fail even before you have started:

1) There is not one as thin as "fast mode". Even in the past, Google favored original and quality content, but these two factors are now more relevant than any other element. Concentrate on writing quality content, research and write 1 article a day, then spend 7 days with 7 articles, then write 7 crap messages today.

Quality content = comments, recommendations, loyal users, better ranking and better chances of generating revenue.
Content of the publication shit = laugh and shame of the name in the comments, spam, bad ranking, no chance of obtaining a legal income.

Now, I'm not hard here, these are facts, so I was too basic to explain so you can get an idea.

2) And here is the "big" taboo that 90% of new bloggers can not understand: forget your earnings.

Yes, most people start doing these things, hoping they will become big, make a lot of money and become the boss. That's why 95% of them are disappointed to have nothing after 3 or 4 months.

This is not a fast system to get rich, in some extreme cases, people manage to go fast, but that accounts for 1% of them, if not as much.

You must understand that there are literally dozens, even hundreds of millions of blogs / sites / forums and that you do not even know how to start, you are new to this area, be realistic.

Write quality content, research topic, be original in type of writing and focus on that, not on revenue. Over time, the gains will come, maybe someday will go at first, but in the beginning, if you focus on earnings before you even start writing, you are doomed to fail and lose your motivation quickly .

No matter what people tell you or how Youtube videos can tell you otherwise there is no legal way to get rich in 1 day.

For example, I'm starting a new blog and the last 6 days I'm researching niches, competitions, a market I'm going to focus on, etc. For example, I know crap about medicine, so I can not talk about it but I am great in other niches. like IM, Tech, Construction, etc …

You have created a file containing everything that I need to start, step by step, and afterwards within the given timeframe (no quick schema).

Disclaimer: Everything I write above is related to NOT blogging to affiliate blogs, there is a huge difference between these two types of income and the type of income they focus on, so they can not to be bound except that they both need a quality writing. :Thumbs up: