Malware: whitelisted applications in AFWall + without my knowledge

I installed a firewall (AFWall +) on my phone and manually added to the whitelist all the applications I wanted to allow access to the Internet, including system applications. So, everything is blocked by default, and I add applications to the whitelist as needed until what I need works and nothing more.

I just discovered apps in the whitelist that I never have myself and do not even remember having seen it before. These are:

  • "Intent Filter Verification Service"
  • "Market Information Officer"
  • "Print service recommendation service"
  • "Google Partner Setup"

From what I can see, they come from Google, although I do not know exactly what they do (with the exception of the feedback agent).

How could this happen?

System details:

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 Duo (SM-G900FD)
  • Operating System: LineageOS 14.1
  • Android version: 7.1.2
  • The phone is rooted with SuperSU.