media – How to edit Image alignment with text

I use Drupal 8.6.3 and the theme "Drupal Theme 8-W3CSS".

I do not have a lot of technical knowledge about Drupal by this, I mean, coding, templates, access files, and so on.
I do not know php at all.
I use Drupal only through its graphical interface, having learned from YouTube.

I have two questions regarding the same Drupal theme

1) I created a new type of content on my site, in which I added an Image field (see image below).
Screenshot of the Image field that I added

But the problem is that when I create the content with this type of content, the text is surrounded to the right of the image.

I even kept the image field in a separate block of the presentation structure of this type of content:

Separate block

Even after keeping the image in a separate block, the text is always wrapped around it.

I do not want it to be like that. I want the image to remain aligned in the center of the main content wrapper, regardless of its dimensions. I wish it so:
Like that

This happens on its own when the size of the screen is reduced (I know it happens because it's reactive) but I want the image to stay on top of the text, regardless of the dimensions of the screen and the image itself, aligned in the center.

What do I do?

2) Even after defining the alignment of the content with the label on "inline" (by changing it from the default "above"), it does not work, after setting it to "on-line" , the label is always visible above the content.


I want it online.

As I already mentioned above, consider me without any technical training (at least with Drupal) while answering this question.

Note: The image I have used is for testing and demonstration purposes only. I have the intention to infringe the copyright of anyone on the image.