Menapay Token ICO – The corner of crypto-currencies

Menapay is a shopping portal based on a chain of blocks and centered on the Middle East and Africa. Entirely designed to combat the burning desire to fight, it also puts an end to the various difficulties faced by the general population of the Middle East and Africa. Facilitate their life to keep money.

This is anyway the first step of its kind in the Middle East and Africa economy.

Characteristics of Menapay

Menapay is extraordinary in its various stages in that it gives a reliable, simple and secure account portal for our day-to-day management of account exchanges.

Menapay has the squat look in Islam with regard to managing an account because it is free of intermediates. Therefore, Menapay offers complete information regardless of religion or potentially sexual orientation.

Thanks to Menapay, the blockchain's progression is computerized, which reduces the problems generally encountered due to the mismanagement of account repetitions in the Middle East and Africa.

Tokenonomics of Menapay

To conclude a piece of the menapay network, Menacash is the means of exchange.

The Menacash is one of a kind and differs significantly from the different forms of digital currency on the grounds that different forms of cryptographic currency are liable to flicker in value, the Menacash is sponsored by the USD and equals 1 USD and is not included. is not likely to change.

. The benefits of MenaPay

  • The platform is based on the technology of the decentralized blockchain, which provides a secure and transparent environment for user transactions.

  • The MenaPay app allows you to withdraw money with its MenaCash encrypted coin. Here, users can withdraw their MenaCash tokens in cash via the MenaPay Foundation.

  • Crypto-currencies are known to be volatile with an unstable value, the MenaCash is created as a stable cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar, which will be equal to 1 MenaCash token at any time.

  • The MenaPay application is user-friendly with a simple interface for mobile and desktop applications, APIs and development kits for easy integration. An Arabic language interface is also available, the target market being the Middle East and many other features.

  • The MenaPay app uses an incentive system in which token holders and users will be motivated and rewarded. The project aims to share 75% of the revenue generated and profits between the MenaPay token holders. The users of the platform will be rewarded according to the level of their participation.

  • The target market is skeptical about the use of traditional banks because of their religious beliefs. The MenaPay project is totally (100%) an Islamic non-bank digital solution based on the Blockchain protocol.

  • A large population of the target population does not have a bank because of the poor services of the banks and the conservative approach of the population to Islam. The MenaPay platform will replace banks with people created to meet their daily needs and global transactions.

  • On the MenaPay platform, the premium merchant will offer a special discount to MenaPay users only.

  • Crypto-currencies can not be used in transactions of everyday life because of entrepreneurs. The platform will build an off-line reseller network allowing for broad exposure, easy entry and massive adaptation to the use of crypto-currencies.

  • The MenaPay platform will accept 30 major currency cryptocurrencies for payment and MenaPay tokens can be purchased via bank transfer and credit card. The token can be paid at the door when the user will perform an offline transaction.

Access to Menapay

Menapay can be used with a workspace or a versatile portfolio that manages the right organization ERC20 Ethereum.

Menapay coordination

The main reason for being Menapay is to make life easier in our regular exchanges using blockchain innovation. It covers a wide area of ​​our daily life, like in the cybercafe, the hotels. Market. Bazaar, restaurants, shopping center, candy machines, among others.

How Menapay works

In Menapay, tokens can be electronically exchanged for individuals using the single payment payment instrument or via individuals to the provider for a product or an administration made.

. Learn more about Menapay

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