"Messages for the Web" always sends the group / mass text as MMS instead of several SMS as defined on the phone.

When you send a text message to multiple recipients, my phone (Messages application) is set to "Send SMS Reply to All Recipients and Get Individual Answers (Bulk Text)" and actually do it when I send a message. group text on my phone. That's what I need. I do not want to send "MMS group".

And "Messages for the Web" also states that:

Each recipient will receive an SMS from you
Answers will appear in individual conversations

It's still what I need.

However, the "Send" button of the Web interface always becomes "MMS" when addressing a text message to multiple recipients. And in fact, many MMS Are sent! The Phone Messages application correctly displays "SMS" and sends several SMS, which is the desired action.

Screenshot of "Messages for Web":

Messages for the Web - screen capture

Screenshot of the corresponding screen of the application Messages on the phone:

Messages app on the phone - screen capture

How can I get the web interface to send a "mass text (SMS)"? There do not seem to be any parameters related to this, which I can find, on the web interface. All settings are on the phone.

Is this a "bug" with the web interface?