migration – Copy installed modules and configuration to the new Drupal 8 installation

I have a Drupal 8 application with mysql as the database. I've installed third party modules such as domain, search_api, pdf, and so on. Most of these were installed to help compose and very little using the "installation module".
Configured few types of content, created few views, pages, configured apache solr for search indexing …

Now, I have the obligation to configure everything in a higher environment using Oracle as the database. I was able to configure a blank Drupal 8 application with Oracle Database.

Question: Install all modules in a new installation?
My thoughts -> Edit the composer.json file to add modules, start the update to compose and manually install the rest of the modules. Is there a better way to import all installed modules into a new application?

Question: Configuration migrate? I was thinking of using configuration> development> configuration synchronization to export and import all configurations.

Question: Do the data migrate? I used a migration module to import content and download files. If everything works up to here, data migration is the last priority. Good to have. A custom module has also been created for migration purposes. I've used this migration module to migrate the csv data to the druapl8-mysql application. If everything works, I want to migrate the same csv content to the drupal8-oracle application.

This exercise will also help us migrate and duplicate the configuration in test environments. Please suggest an ideal process for migration.