migration – Migrate to a multi-valued check box from CSV

I'm having a problem with the Migrate API. I thought I had a fairly simple use case, but I am unable to find an example for this particular case.

I have a CSV file that I import, using the migrate_source_csv module. My migration was working fine, but now I have to add a champ_dealer_type field. This field is a check box with several values. In the CSV, he is represented in a single dealer_type column, separated by commas (I've also tried other delimiters without success).

Some examples of my CSV lines look like this:

id, name, city, dealer_type
1, Sampling place, Cool City, "trucks, motorcycles"
2, another place, second city, trucks

The CSV is well formatted, enveloping the dealer_type column in quotation marks if necessary.

However, I can not import them properly into my nodes. I've verified that the values ​​through the CSV are valid options in the field definition (trucks, motorcycles).

I started with the explode plugin, as other examples also use it, but I know that I am missing a follow-up treatment. I have seen examples using Taxonomy and entité_générébut that does not suit my use case. I also have the migrate_plus module installed, for clarity.

langcode: in
status: true
dependencies: {}
id: dealers_csv
class: null
field_plugin_method: null
cck_plugin_method: null
tags_migration: null
migration_group: default
label: 'Import Dealers & # 39;
plugin: csv
path: sites / default / files / dealer_locations.csv
delimiter: & # 39;, & # 39;
pregnant: & # 39; "& # 39;
header_row_count: 1
- id
identifier: & # 39; unique identifier & # 39;
Name: "Dealer Name"
city: city
dealer_type: Reseller type & # 39;
title name
plugin: default_value
default_value: dealer_location
field_dealer_name: name
field_dealer_city: city
plugin: explode
limit: 2
Delimiters: & # 39;, & # 39;
source: dealer_type
plugin: "entity: node"