migration – Relating to the Hydrocodone Online website

I have an old website on prescription drugs, especially for the sale of hydrocodone.
This is not spam or I want to advertise on the website because phar * is real and legal a site with real stores with DEA ​​legal authorization.

The problem in this question is because all the websites are worked in cubecart and i would like to migrate to wordpress. I am a little scared by this whole process, so I would like to clarify some questions before I start.


is the url that I am strangling a few days.
Now I have this problem, it is that this website is on cubecart and I would like to change the design into wordpress.
From the point of view of SEO and design, what will bring me more benefits in terms of ranking and exposure of the brand Cube Cart or WordPress?
I've read a lot of good things about WordPress with woocommerce plugin.
I need the opinion of someone who has already done this migration.

In cube cart I also have a problem with NAP.
If I have the full address of

Healtontimeus, 77 Hwy 34th St Panama City, Panama City, FL
32405, + 14052670326

The cube cart does not contain a footer where I can display all the information.
In addition, when customers wish to order hydrocodone over the phone at +14052670326, when I put details on cubecart, the +1 international extension is not displayed.
How to adjust this.
I have a problem with friendly url seo links.
I think with cubecart is not possible.
A solution on this?

WordPress is much easier and as I see for the cube basket I have to touch in the .htaccess file.
Any help on this topic to overcome this entire fuzz with the cube cart.

Note: These are all-technical questions about the operation of the website and the migration of the website by experts from this forum.