mistletoe design – Make a very great shape user-friendly

We are currently in the design phase of an application that requires at a given time, users to fill out a form.

The form can be divided into 3 sections. We will then let the user use a step-by-step process to complete the 3 sections

for example.

Step 1 (member details)

Step 2. (Details of the beneficiary)

Step 3 (Details of the transaction)

Each of these sections contains about 15 entries

Going from Name to contact details via civil status, etc.

Obviously, it would not be very practical to adapt all this on a single screen and let the user scroll to complete everything. And using an accordion approach is not ideal either, because it gives a very fractured appearance to the shape.

What would be a good approach when you are trying to create large forms on a mobile-only platform and are there companies that have integrated it well enough for me to possibly inspire.