mistletoe – Fuzzy text in the Unity user interface at the default scale

I am working on a virtual reality game (GoogleVR Cardboard) and I have to include some elements of user interface.

Since I learned to use Unity 's UI elements, I stayed close to what seems to be a major problem: at the default scale (1,1, 1), literally everything about fonts that I've added to a virtual space The canvas ends up looking like scaled and fuzzy bitmaps.

I can fix the problem by manually changing the scale of everything that is related to the user interface (0.1, 0.1, 0.1) and multiplying the dimensions of everything by 10 … but I can not believe that this is the way the editing interface of Unity is planned work by design.

Somewhere on the line, I had to forget something important. The question is … what? Is there an option for Unity to render fonts with a higher resolution or to at least change the default scale of new items from (1,1,1) to (0,1, 0,1 , 0,1) and multiply all the default dimensions of new user interface elements by 10?