Mobile menu: horizontal scrolling or scrolling?

Just out of curiosity, what would you rather use for a mobile menu if you had to choose between these two:

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Horizontal scrolling seems very familiar nowadays because of its intensive use in applications and the like. And this preserves the appearance of the tabs of the largest screen sizes. In addition, it might be a little easier to be implemented by the development team. The disadvantage is that the user could not see all the options that he had at the same time, and if he chose one then scrolled, he would not know which tab he was in find there is no page title under the tabs.

The drop-down list seems to be a more conservative and simple choice, with much less visual noise.

For me, both seem to require the same effort from the user. And as I know it's not just an aesthetic choice, what more do you think of each other?

Thanks in advance.