mojave – help restoring MojaveLlibrary

My wife’s MBA (2012) bricked after upgrading to Catalina. We took it to a repair shop who said no problem, they would back up the data, reformat, and reinstall Mojave, then restore the data. What arrived was butchery: drive in two equal partitions instead of one, an Admin user named user, the data “restored” by copying it to a folder beneath the Admin user, and only her home directory contents but no applicatioms including those purchased over the years. I won’t bother telling their explanation of how this would be usable.

I made a new user with her name and admin rights, copied over her files, and ran into permissions issues. I then copied her files to a new backup drive and using the command-R startup option reformatted, made a single partition, reinstalled Mojave, created a user with her name, and then copied her files to the drive.

The library is the problem. I copied in everything from her library, replacing library folders from the just-completed Mojave install with her’s. The result is not great. None of her mail accounts, mail, passwords, contacts, etc appear to work. Yes, now she believes me about the importance of backups.

The data is there — her mail, etc is on the drive but the applications do not see it. What do I need to do to make her library data usuable? Any help with this is greatly appreciated