Money Optimized Easy To Run Starter Site On 1 Word .Com

Why are you selling this site? Because I love building money sites to help others starting online.

How is it monetized? Dropservices

Does this site come with any social media accounts? NO

How much time does this site take to run? A few minutes

What challenges are there with running this site? None

Forget Dropshipping…it’s a headache with all the shipping delays and crappy suppliers.

Dropservices is the way to go!! Running a simple site that provides a digital service that is outsourced is where the EASY money is at. No packages getting lost, no angry customers demanding refunds, no cheap merchandise from poor suppliers. Just good, high, profit margins.

This site sells fun personalized toons that make really popular gifts for all ocassions. Even the marketing is easy…just expose it on Facebook through either paid ads or FREE by sharing it and watch it GROW and the sales come in.
Lightweight website where even the social icons are self hosted, so no slow loading site waiting for images to be served offsite and no database or connections to worry about.

All this on a BRANDABLE easy to remember .com domain!!

Easy peasy!

Have FUN with it!