MongoDB CSV Export: a table / column and a table on the lines, or vice versa

I have a MongoDB scheme that looks like this:

const batchSchema = mongoose.Schema ({
_id: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId,
hour: {type: [Number]}
tmp: {type: [Number]}
hum: {type: [Number]}
co2: {type: [Number]}
coolRelay: {type: [Boolean]}
humRelay: {type: [Boolean]}
fanRelay: {type: [Boolean]}
lightRelay: {type: [Boolean]}

My goal is to have a csv file that I can import to excel at creating tables, graphs and other visual elements based on the data.

With Studio 3T (, this does not seem possible unless I just do not understand the settings. It does not matter whether data is organized horizontally or vertically. As long as everyone is on their own column / line, excluding the _id field. 3T only seems able to place them all along the same row.

I've just tried using the mongo native cv native cli csv export tool, but I found that it did not seem to come with my version. I'm using version 3.6 under openSuse, arm64, on a pi raspberry.

Mongoexport as a command was not found, and when I ran the suggested cnf mongoexport to find a package containing it, nothing was returned either.

I know that I can export a file, by table using 3T, then copy / paste them together, but I had not planned to pay the annual license for 3T and only used the test free to get a more usable mistletoe in development. I hoped to write a predefined bash script that could be reused multiple times to export each "batch" document as it was completed.

Is there anything missing about mongoexport or is there a limitation of the aarch64 version? I really do not want to go back, learn and rewrite everything for postgreSQL at this point. I mean, I will do it if I have to, but I wanted to check with you all first.